Due to Lifeproof’s updated warranty and claims policy each claim and warranty will have to be submitted through Lifeproof by the consumer.


Q: Can VCases replace my case under warranty?
A: Unfortunately due to Lifeproof’s new policy, retailers no longer have any ability to make any claims in store. All claims will have to be made through Lifeproof directly.

Q: How do i make a claim?
A: All claims will have to be made through Lifeproof’s website by filling in their official claim form.

Q: Can VCases help me with my claim?
A: We sure can, feel free to pop into one of our stores with original receipt and case.

Q: What if i have lost my receipt?
A: Unfortunately without a copy of the receipt Lifeproof may refuse any warranty claims without proof of purchase.


Further Information:

Please feel free to read through and understand Lifeproof’s warranty and policies:

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