iCloud Backup

Backing up your Device and Data to iCloud:


Setting up iCloud on iOS:

Step 1: Update your iOS device (optional) — This step is recommended by many but we would advise to first continue with step 2 before updating the device as updating the device can sometimes lose data due to unforced errors.

Step 2: Enable iCloud —  On your iOS device home screen, tap “Settings”, scroll down to “iCloud” found midway down the menu and tap.
Enter the appropriate Apple ID and Password linked to your account and tap “Sign in”. If you have not set up a free Apple ID tap on “Create a new Apple ID”.
Follow the process and enter all the relevant details for the Apple ID. Once done enter your newly created Apple ID and Password.
*If you experience issues signing in please make sure you have verified your new account, your details are correct and that you have a Mobile Data connection or are connected to a Wireless Network*



Step 3: Select your iCloud services and backing up device —Once signed in you will be prompt with multiple services you can sync across multiple devices. These services are all optional. If you wish to sync a service such as “Contacts” Tap the slider directly right of the application to toggle a green button, this will then prompt the service to sync to your iCloud and can now be accessed on other iOS devices that are logged in with your Apple ID credentials.
To preform a complete device back up scroll down and tap “Backup”, make sure “iCloud Backup” is toggled green this will indicate the status is on.
Once on make sure you are connected to a Wireless network as the backup will be much faster then preforming the back up over a Mobile connection.
Once connected to a network tap “Back Up Now” this will then preform a back up once completed the “Last Backup” will indicate a time and date.



Step 4: Buy more storage (optional) — Most users shouldn’t need more storage than the 5GB provided. But there may be some cases where you may need the extra storage as you may have a lot of precious photos and videos which require more storage. Obtaining more storage never hurts if you’re on the edge of reaching your storage limit. To do this tap “Storage” within your iCloud menu, you will then see details of your current storage, tap “Buy More Storage”, you will then be be prompted with a few options: 5GB (Free) this is your current storage, 50GB ($1.49 a month), 200GB ($4.49 a month) and 2TB ($14.99 a month).

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