Q: I’m a little worried about my Phone. It has lots of personal data on it.

A: We are a professional mobile phone repair centre and have many years experience working in the electronic devices and mobile phone industry. Your phone will be taken care of by our experienced and professional technicians.

Q: Will I still have my warranty intact?

A: Any repairs not done by the manufacturer may void your warranty. However, we offer up to 90 days limited warranty which does not cover physical damage or liquid damage.

Q: Are the parts you use good quality?

A: Where possible, we offer the option of OEM* specification parts, however when this is not possible, we use only high quality, grade A aftermarket parts.


Q: What about your warranty?

A: Yes, we offer up to 90 days limited warranty for any parts and repaired jobs which exclude physical or liquid damage. For example, if you get your LCD screen replaced by one of our stores, and your new LCD screen is cracked or broken or smashed or liquid/water damaged in any way, your LCD screen is not under warranty cover. Due to these reasons, we can refuse to fix it under warranty, but we may** offer a discount for the next repair job. Please make sure that you check everything before you leave the store as we are not responsible for any further damage once the phone has left our premises.

Q: Will I get charged if you quote for repair and I do not go ahead with the job?

A: When the phone is still turning on, we do not charge any fee for giving a quote. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair, we will return it back free of charge. However, if the phone was not turning on and/or displaying when brought in, we do charge an upfront fee of $50 to assess the phone. This fee is refunded if we can not repair the phone. If we can not repair the phone within a reasonable cost (varies with each model of phone, please ask our staff for details in store) we will still refund the assessment fee. Only when the phone can be fixed within a reasonable cost and the customer declines the repair do we keep the $50 for our time and labour, otherwise the assessment fee gets rolled into the cost of repair. In some cases such as water damage, your phone may not be in the same condition as when it arrived in our repair centre. Water damaged phones continue to deteriorate until the phone is fixed.


Q: Will my data be lost after repair?

A: Our highly skilled technicians will take the utmost care to ensure that all repairs are carried out with data retention in mind. However, we highly recommend you back up all personal/sensitive data before handing your phone over for repair. Our standard practice is to assume that you have done this prior to repairs being carried out.

Q: Can I post my phone to you for repair?

A: Yes, however we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may have occurred in transit.

Q: Do you trade in second hand phones?

A: Yes, occasionally we do trade in second hand phones if we have any stock available, if none are available however we can make recommendations for a suitable replacement.

*OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer specification are parts that are aftermarket items but built to the same quality specifications as the original part.

**Discount is at V Cases Pty Ltd discretion. We reserve the right to refuse to offer discount.