Service and Repairs

Smashed, Broken or Badly Scratched Screen?

This happens all the time. We have quality replacement parts from Samsung, Apple, Sony Ericsson, etc.; at V Cases your phone is in good hands.

Water Damage? 

Has your phone gone for a swim, fallen in the toilet or simply just got wet? Liquid ingress or water damage is very common and we have saved many phones others considered beyond repair with an 80% success rate.

Immediately turn the phone off and remove the battery (if possible), then bring the phone to us as quickly as you can to either of our Traralgon, Sale or Morwell Stores.

Buttons Not Working?

This can happen to even the most careful mobile phone user and can be very frustrating. Bring your phone in and we can assess it on the spot. In most cases we can fix it while you finish your shopping.

Data Retrieval

Phone run over by a car? Too costly to fix or replace? Too many parts broken? We are very experienced in saving your precious photos and memories whilst honouring your privacy.

Phone Unlocking

We assess your phone to determine if we can unlock it from its network provider. We can only do this for certain local carriers, however we can also do this for phones purchased overseas that need to be used within Australia.

Our Repair Services

  • fa-mobile

    Screen replacement on all devices

  • fa-tint

    Water damage specialists

  • fa-download

    Data recovery and motherboard assessment

  • fa-cogs

    All parts and button repairs

  • fa-unlock-alt

    Phone unlocking

Repair FAQ

  • Q: Will my data be lost after repair?

    A: Our highly skilled technicians will take the utmost care to ensure that all repairs are carried out with data retention in mind.

  • Q: Will the repair work invalidate my Warranty with the device manufacturer?

    A: Any repairs not done by the manufacturer may void your warranty. However, we offer up to 365 days limited warranty which does not cover physical damage or liquid damage.

  • Q: Can I post my phone for repair?

    A: Yes, however we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may have occurred in transit.

  • Q: If you can't fix my phone, can you sell me another used or new one at a good price?

    A: Yes, we have all makes and models with a 90 day warranty as standard. We also accept trade-ins.


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